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AnriI 12th. 19~0 <br /> <br />At a regular meeting of the Cit~ Council, ~held on April 12th, 1960,:~there were present: <br /> <br />B.W.Baker, A. C.Bartlett, W.R. Breedlove, R.B. Seward, ~ Irvine Smith, <br />George R. Walker, ~. E. Weiseman,~A.P. Johnson,Jr., CityManager, and <br />J.S. Livesay, Jr., City Attorney. <br /> <br />The meeting was opened with prayer by Mr. Bartlett. <br /> <br />Miautes of regular meeting of March 22nd, 19SO were read and approved. <br /> <br />The following communicatiors from the City Manager were presented: <br /> <br /> 60-97 - "I recommend ~that I be authorized To advertise for bids ~o operate a conces- <br />sion stand at the boat ramp and parking lot at the boat ramp being construote~ au the eastern end of Bayview <br />Boulevard. The City will provide lights for the parking area and boat ramp, water and sewer connections. The <br />bidder will build the concession stand suhjec~ to approval of the City and will be required to pay all taxes, <br />water and sewer charges. <br /> The agreement will be for a period of three years and the successful bidder <br />shall provide public liability insurance in the amounts of $5~,00G.00 and $109,000.00 and property damage in - <br />surance in tke amount of $5~080.9~, such insurance to name the City of ~ortsmouth as anadditional insured with <br />waiver of Governmental i~munity. The City reserves the right ~o reject any and all bids." <br /> Motion of ~r. Smith ~ concur ia ~he recommendation of the City Manager was adopted, with- <br />ou~ dissenting vote. <br /> <br /> 60-98 ~- "I submit the attached ordinance and recommend that it he placed on first readiag <br />This is the License Tax ordinance -establishing business and professional licenses ef£ective ~ay 1st, 19S0 and <br />each year thereafter beginning with May 1st of each year. ~hile the fbrm e£this ordinance has been changed <br />there have only been minor changes in the rates on such things as carnivals, circuses, etc~" <br /> Motion of Mr. Breedlove to place the following ordinance on first reading: <br /> <br />"AN ORDINANCE IMPOSING &ND LEVYING LICENSE TAXES FOR THE~YEAR BEGINNING MAY 1, <br />1960, AND ENDING APRIL 30, 1961, AND ALSO FOR EACB AND EVERY YEAR THEREAFTER <br />BEGINNING WITNMAY i OF EACH SUCH YEAR ANDENDING WITHAPRIL 30 FOLLOWING, <br />UNTIL OTheRWISE CHANGED, FOR. THE PURPOSE OF PROVIDING 'FUNDS FORe,THE OPERATION <br />OF THE CITY GOVERNMENT, THE PAYMENT OF THE CITY DEBT, AND FOR OTHER ~[EqICIPAL <br />I~URPOSES, PROVIDING FOR THE COLLECTIONOF SAID LICENSE T_&XES, AND PROVIDING <br />PENALTIES" <br /> <br />Motion of Mr. Weiseman to suspend the rules To hear from interested persons, was adopted. <br /> <br />The £ollowi~g spoke: <br /> <br />Dick ~attox, ~ecretary of Portsmeuth Jr. <br />license tax on carnivals. <br /> <br />Chamber of Commerce, objecting to increase in <br /> <br />Pete Wnukoski <br />David Fink, representing Portsmouth Retail Grocers Association, requesting a provision in <br /> the ordinance whereby merchant s may purchase licenses on semi-annual basis <br /> <br />Vote heing taken on ~r. Breedlove's motion, same was adopted, and by the following vo~e: <br /> <br />Ayes: Eaker, Bartlett, Breedlove, Seward, Smith, Weiseman <br />Nays: ~alker <br /> <br /> 60-99 - "I submit the attached ordinance and recommend that it be placed on first reading. <br /> This ordinance prohibits the use of certain streets andsidewalks forsoliciting <br />subscriptions, selling goods or services or distributingprinted matter. These restrictions apply to the areasI <br />designated as Parking Meter Zone and Fire Districts No. i and No. ~. This does not prohibit the actual distri- <br />gution or circulation without any charge to the public of publications, leaflets, pamphlets or any.printed matte~ <br />that de~iminates opinmon or information or provokes tkought or pertains to any re$igious information or belief. [ <br /> 1 0 " <br />This ordinance carries a fine er not less than $25.00 ncr more than $ 00. ~. <br /> <br />Motion of Mr. BreedloVe to place the foll0~ing ordinance on first reading: <br /> <br />"AX'ORDINANCE TeAM END THE CODE OF THE CITY OF~ORTSMOUTH, VIRGINIA, 1951, BY <br />ADDING TH~RETOANEW SECTION TO BE IIq]MBERED 1~-46.1, PRONIBITING THE USE OF <br />CERTAIN STREETS AND SIDEWALKSFOR SOLICITING SLrBSCRIPTIONS, SELLING GOODS OR <br />SERVICES, OR DISTRIBUTING PRINTED MATTER" <br /> <br />Motion of Mr. Walker ~o amend the ordinamce,as follows, was adopted: <br /> <br />Paragraph (a) of Section 17-46.1 to read as follows: <br /> <br />'(a) No person shall sell or offer To sell anygoods, wares, merchandise, books, <br />magazines or any~article of value, except newspapers, ortake orders for or sell <br />subscriptions To same for fuiO_re delivery, or 'render or offer ~o render any services <br />other than the shining of shoes, or distribute printed matter on any of the streets <br />and sidewalks paralleling streets which are 9i) designated as parking meter zones <br />in Section 30-14S hereof or (ii) within Fire District No.1 amd Fire District <br />as set forth in Section 5-3 hereof; said s~ree~s and sidewalks being congested <br />areas for pedestrian travel and use.' <br /> <br />Motion of Mr. Walker To suspend the rules to hear from interested persons, was adopted. <br /> <br /> <br />