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412. <br /> <br />June 14th. 1960 <br /> <br />At a~regular meeting of the City Council, held on June 14th, 1960, there were present: <br /> <br />B.W. Baker,-A.C. Bartlett~ W.R~ Breedlove, g. B. Seward,'R. Irvine Smith, <br />C~orge R~ Wnlker~ H..E~ Weiseman, A~P..Johnson,Jr~, City Manager, and <br />J,S. Livesay, Jr., City Attorney. <br /> <br />read and approved. <br /> <br />The meeting was opened with prayer by Mr~ Weiseman. <br /> <br />Minutes of regular meeting of May 24th, 1960 and called meeting of June 6th, 1960,were <br /> <br /> The following reports from the City Manager were read: <br /> <br /> 60~163 - "I submit the attached ordinance and recommend that it be placed on first <br />reeding. This ordinance establishes a City tax on the probate~ of every ~witl or grant of administration that is <br />filed in the Hustings and Circuit Courts of th~ City of Portsmouth. The tax is in the amoun~ eqtral to one <br />third of the amount of the State tax as imposed by the State of Virginia. The last session of the Geaeral Assem- <br />bly amended the Code of Virginia authorizing cities and counties to impose this tax on the probate of wills or <br />grants of adminis tration, <br /> <br /> On motion of Mr. Weiseman, the following ordinance was placed on £irst reading, without <br />dissenting vote: <br /> <br /> "AN ORDINANCE ~MPOSING AND LEVYING A T~-X, FOR THE PERIOD BEGINNING JULY l, 1960, <br /> AND THEREAFTER, ON THE PROBATE OF EVERY WILL OR GRANT OF ADMINISTRATION IN THE <br /> CITY OF PORTSMOUTH, WHICH MAY BE SUBJECT TO THE STATE T~X IMPOSED BY SECTION <br /> 58-66 OF THE CODE OF VIRGINIA, 1950, .PRESCRIBING THE F~tTE OF AND PROVIDING FOR <br /> THE COLLECTION OF SAID CITY TAN" <br /> <br /> 60-164 - "I submit the a~ached ordinance and recommend that it be placed on first <br />reading. This ordinance closes Queen St. between Water and Crawford S~reets. It also closes three unnamed alleys <br />within the proper~y purchased by the Federal Government for the construction of the new Federal Office building.' <br /> <br /> Motion of Mr. Smith ~o concur in the recommendation of the City Manager and to place <br />the following ordinance on first reading, was adopted, Without dissenting vo~e; <br /> <br /> "AN ORDINANEE TO CLOSE QUEEN STREET BETWEEN WATER AND CRAWEORDSTREETS AND <br /> CERTAIN ~NES OR A~EYS WITHIN THE SITE OF THE NEW FEDE~LOFFICEfBUILDING" <br /> <br /> 60-165 - "I submit the attached ordinance and mecommend it be placed on first reading. <br />This ordinance amends the Utility Tax ordinance to provide that certain low rent public housing projects are not <br />exempt. This ordinance is submitted for clarification of the present ordinance to insure the tax is paid by low <br />rent pttblic housing." <br /> <br /> On motion of Mr. Breedlove, the followiD~g ordinance was placed on first reading, <br />without dissenting vote: <br /> <br />"AN ORDINANCE TO A~END SECTION 8-57 OF THE CODE OF THE CITY OFPORTSMOUTE, VIRGINIA, <br />1951, AS AMENDED, PERTAINING TO EXEMPTIONS FROM PAYNiENT OF THE TAX ON UTILITY <br />SERVICES, TO PROVIDE THAT CERTAIN LOW RENT PUBLIC HOUSING PROJECTS ARE NOT ~" <br /> <br /> 60-166 - "I submit the attached ordinance and recommend that it be placed on first <br />reading. This is the attached ordinance with reference to the sale of pistols, dirks, bowie knives, etc., thet <br />was submitted at the last Council meeting." <br /> <br />Motion of Mr. Weiseman to place the following ordinance ~ n first reading: <br /> <br />"AN ORDINANCE TO A~END SECTION 17-57 OF THE CODE OF THE CITY OF PORTSMOUTH, VIRGINIA, <br />1951, AS .~%~aXHDED, R ELATING TO THE SALE, ETC., OF PISTOLS, DIRKS, BOWIE KNIVES, SLUNG <br />SHOTS, SWITCH BLADE ERIVES AND WEAPONS OF LIKE KIlfD" <br /> <br />17-57, was not adopted, <br /> <br /> Motion of Mr. Walker to place on first reading a substitute amendment to Section <br />therelbeing ac second to the motion. <br /> <br />Vo~e being taken, Mr. Weiseman's motion was ~dopted, and by the following vote: <br /> <br />Ayes: Bartlett, Breedlove, Seward, Smith~ Weiseman <br />Nays: Baker, Walker <br /> <br /> 60-167 - "I submit the attached ordinance and recommend that it be placed on first <br />reading. This ordinance authorizes the signing of a con~ract between the City of Portsmouth and the Virginia <br />Electric ~ Power Company for electric current for mtur~icipal purposes. <br /> This is submitted in lieu of the present contract and is in effect for a <br />term of ten years, unless terminated by twelve months written notice prior to date of expiration, it will <br />continue for an additional ~en years. It is necessary to negotiate this contract in connection with the pro - <br />posed street lighting program for the City." <br /> <br />and by the following vote: <br /> <br />Motion of Mr, Weiseman to place the following ordinance on first reading was adopted <br /> <br /> "AN ORDINANCE TO APPROVE T~E ATTACHED-FOruM OF CONTRACT BETWEEN THE CITY OF <br /> PORTSMOUTH ~ THE VIRGINIA ELECTRIC A~1POWE~ COMPANY FOR THE ImJRCHASE BY <br /> [THE CITY ~*S~I~C'OMP/Ai~Y ~ND~fTHE~ F~IR~NI~MT~B~5~TR~TCOMPANY?TO?'TH2 <br /> ~lT7~ 0F ELECTt~I~:.~IL~EN:T~F0t~i~EZOFSTt~7'R~TI~XO~'JI~U~IF~S OF fll~ CITY <br /> · O~' ~%r4~ICIPAL'~/~PU~POSES-~A/fOm,TO~AUTHORIZE-TPIE EX~'ICUTION'THEHEOF ON BE~L~LF <br /> OF THE CitY" <br />· On motion, the privilege of the floor was granted J.E. Belding, who spoke against the adoption of the <br /> ordinance. <br /> <br /> <br />