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Pebwu~ 1 4th 1.q(il <br /> <br />At s regular meeting of the City Council, held.on February 14th, 1961, there were <br /> <br />R. Irvine Smith, Jack P. Barnes, W.R. Breedlove, W.T. Leary, R.B. Seward, <br />George R. Walker, H. E. 'Weisemsn, A.~. Johnsgn,Jr., city Manager, and <br />J. S. Livesay, Jr., City Attorney. <br /> <br />The meeting was opened with prayer byMr. We~seman. <br /> <br />Minute's of me'ting h~ld on January 24th, 1961 were read and approved. <br /> <br /> The following, reports from the City .~a~ager were read: <br /> <br /> 61-20 I submit the attached ordinance and recommend that it be placed on first <br />reading.. This ordinance establishes Dinwiddie Square Parking Lot for .parking meters. This is the lot in the <br />rear of the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court at Washklgton and King Ets." <br /> <br /> On m6tion of Mr. Barnes, the following ordinance~ was approved on first reading, without <br />dissenting vote: <br /> <br />"AN ORDiNANCE TO AMEND SECTIONS 30-161 AND 30-f64 OF THE CODE OF THE CIT~OF <br />PORTSMOUTH, VIEGINIA, 1951, AS AMENDED, RELATING TO OFF-STREET PARKING, SO <br />AS TO ESTABLISH DINWIDDIE SQUARE PARKING LOT" <br /> <br /> 61-21 - "I submit the attached resolution presented by Mr. Walker at the last meeting <br />of the City Council. This resolution is in reference to the operation of shuttle bus service in the new tunnel <br />between Norfolk and Portsmouth." <br /> <br />vote: <br /> <br />On motion of Mr. W~eisema$, the following resolution was adopted, without dissenting <br /> <br />"WHEREAS, the ~ontracT for the operation of the shuttle bus service for <br />the first tunnel crossing was awarded by the Elizabeth River Tunnel Com- <br />mission to the Virgznis Transit~omp~ny; and <br /> WHEREAS, the awarding of said contract has been of great value to the <br /> Norfolk DiVision of said Transit Company and the City of Norfolk in <br /> that it provides the former with additional ~rofit and_~ith Occupation <br /> for a greater number of its employees, and provides the latter, by reason <br /> of this additional revenue, with a lower fare as well as the economic <br /> effects of a larger payroll; and <br /> WHEREA~, such shuttle service has been of little or uo vn~ue ~o the City <br /> of Portsmouth, either in its economic well-being, or ~o the successful <br /> or profitable operation of its pu~blic transportation facility; and <br /> WI{EREAE, the second tunnel is now well underway toward completion, at <br /> which time it is reasonable to assume, a second shuttle bus service will <br /> be initiated to provide pedestrian access~ to the Medical Center and to <br /> provide a transit connection between west side routes of both cities; and <br /> WHEREAS, the Elizabeth River Tunnel Commission is, by its very nature, <br /> an activity dedicated to th~ common and ~equitable service of all the citi- <br /> zens of all the political subdivisions~participating therein; <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Council of the City of Portsmouth, <br /> that the Elizabeth River Tunnel Co~mission is ~ereby requested ~o arrange <br /> for the service and operation of any shuttle bus service which might be <br /> initiated for the second tunnel crossing by the public transportation <br /> company holding the franchise of the City of Portsmouth at the time of <br /> completion of said second Tunnel crossing." <br /> <br /> 61-22 - "I submit the attached ordinance and recommend that it be placed on first <br />reading. This ordinance authorizes the conveyance of three parcels of land in the Lincolnsville Urban Renewal <br />projec~ to the Portsmouth Redevelopment and Housing A~thor~ty, the Authority is to pay the City the sum of <br />$6,500.00 for this property. This has been approved by the Planning Commis~ipn." <br /> <br />On motion of Mr. Breedlove, the f~llowing ordinance was approved on first reading, <br /> <br />without dissenting vote: <br /> <br />"AN ORDINANCE TO AU~4ORIZE AND DIRECT THE CONVEYANCE OF THREE PARCELS OF <br />LAND WITHIN THE LINCOLNSVILLE REDEVELOPMENT PROJECT TO THE PORTSMOUTH <br />REDEVELOPMENT AND HOUSING AUTNDRITY" <br /> <br />- UNFINISHED BUSINESS <br /> <br />taken up and ~ead: <br /> <br />61- 12 <br /> <br />The following ordinance, approved on first reading at last meeting, was <br /> <br />"AN ORDINANCE TO CLOSE THAT SECTION OF GILMERTONBOULEVARDWHICH LIES <br />NORTH OF THE NORTHERN LINE OF AFTON PARKWAY'TO THE SOUTHERN LINE OF <br />PARADISE CREEK, EXCLUDING'THE PORTION OF GIk%{ERTONBOULEVARD NOW IN <br />THE VICTORY BOULEVARD RIGHT OF WAY" <br /> <br />On motiom <br /> <br />of Mr. Barnes, the ordinance was adopted, and by the following vote: <br /> <br />Ayes: Smith, Barnes, Breedl0ve, Leafy, Seward, Walker, Weiseman <br />Nays: None <br /> <br /> 61-15 - A refund of $64.63 to Lee Fleet Management for over-payment on personal <br />property taxes, approved on first reading at last meeting, was taken up. <br /> <br /> On motion of Mr. Breedlove, said refund was granted, and by the following vote: <br /> <br /> <br />