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12¸ <br /> <br />June 27th.~ 196~ <br /> <br />At a regular meeting of the City Council, held on June 27th, 1961, there were present: <br /> <br />R. Irvine Smith, Jack P. Barnes, W. R. Breedlove, W.T. Leary, R .B. Seward, <br />George R. Walker H. E. Weiseman, A.~. Jhhnson,Jr., City Manager, and <br />J.$. Livesay,4r., City Attorney. <br /> <br />The meeting was opened with pr~ger by Mr. Seward. <br /> <br />Minutes of regular meeting held on June 13th, 1961 were read and approved. <br /> <br />The following reports from the City Manager were read: <br /> <br /> 61-165 - "I recommend an appropriation of $7,648.i3 from the Capital Improvement Fund be <br />placed on first reading. This is for the purchase of land in the vicinity of the new tunnel road and Elizabeth <br />Street. We will receive from the Elizabeth River Tunnel Commission more than the above amount from land that the <br />City is selling to them in the same location. <br /> <br /> Motion of Mr. Weiseman to concur in the recommendation of the City Manager and that <br />$7~648.13 be approved on first reading, for said purpose, was adopted, without dissenting vote. <br /> <br /> 61T166 - "I submitLthe attached ordinance and recommend that it be placed on first read- <br />ing. It establishes a fee for the installation of water service lines and authorizes the Water Department to hah <br />dle the installation and maintenance of all service lines. The fees are as follows: <br /> <br />3/4" service connection $85.00 <br />l" service connection lO0.00 <br />1½" service connection 125.00 <br />2" service connection 150.00 <br />Over 2" cost plus 10% <br /> <br /> ·his is to be effective October 1st, <br />prepare to take over this service." <br /> <br />1961 to allow the Water Department time <br /> <br />.On motion of Mr. Barnes, the following ordinance was referred to a conference, without <br /> <br />dissenting vote: <br /> <br />'~N ORDINANCE TO AMEND SECTION 24-55 OF THE CODE OF THE CITY OF PORTSMOUTH, <br />VIRGINIA, 1951, AS AMENDED, TO PROVIDE FOR TME INSTALLATION AND MAINTENANCE <br />OF WATER SERVICE CONNECTIONS HEREAFTER MADE TO WATER MAINS OF THE CITY OF <br />PORTSMOUTH" <br /> <br /> 61-167 - "I submit the attached ordinances and recommend that they be placed on first <br />reading. These ordinances close a portion of Columbia', Cleveland and High Streets, as recommended by the Plannin: <br /> <br /> On motion of Mr. Breedlove, the following ordinances were approved on first reading, <br />without dissenting vote: <br /> <br />"AN ORDINANCE TO CLOSE A PORTION OF COLUMBIA STREET BEGINNING APPROXIMATELY <br />SIXTY FEET WEST OF ITS INTER~ECTION WITH FREDERICK BOULEVARD AND AIRLINE <br />BOULEVARD ~ EXTENDING EASTWARD TO THAT INTERSECTION" <br /> <br />UAN ORDINANCE TO CLOSE A PORTION OF CLEVELAND STREET EXTENDING FROM THE WEST <br />SIDE OF DOUGLAS AVENUE WESTWARD TO ITS END IN A BRANCH" <br /> <br />"AN ORDINANCE TO CLOSE A PORTION OF HIGH STREET EXTENDING FROM THE WEST SIDE <br />OF WESTMORELAND AVENUE~ WESTWARD TO ITS END IN THE WESTERN BRANC~ OF THE <br />ELIZABETH RIVER" <br /> <br /> In this connection, the following letter from Louis H. Keller, Corresponding Secretary, <br />West Side Civic Lesgue, was read: <br /> <br /> "It is our understanding that the Planning Commission is considering the closure of the <br />4800 block of High Street in Westhsven. The closure'in itself'is not ~bjebtioaable to us. However, we are con - <br />cerned with the loss or prevention of drainage. There is sow a pipe line .~unning from Powhatan along High to the <br />river tha't would be on the'closed ~treet.~Therefore.'we hope Council will retain rights to use this property for <br />present and future drainage by securing the necessary easements before awarding the street property to the abut- <br />ting owners. <br /> <br /> The~City-Mansger stated that provision had been made for necessary easements, in the <br />ordinances presented. <br /> <br /> 61-I68 - "I submit the attached agreement and recommend that the proper city officials <br />be authorised to sign.'~This-isfor 'En'gi~aeri~ se~-ic~B~rith~8Lan-e~d Chewning in connection with the <br />Lincolnsville project. They will do the engineering work on the stree~ layout and sewer design for this ares." <br /> <br /> Motion of Mr. Weiseman to concur in the recommendation of the City Manager and that the <br />proper city officials be authorized to sign the agreement, was adopted, without dissenting vote. <br /> <br /> 61-169 - "It ts necessary to elect two members to the Recreation Commission. The terms <br />of Marshall Owens and Fenton Vaughan have expired. One should be elected for a two yeav term and one for a three <br /> <br /> Motion of Mr. Barnes to table until~the next meeting was adopted, without dissenting <br />vote. <br /> <br /> <br />