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July ~]th l~Sl <br /> <br />At a regular meeting of the City Council, held on July llth, 1961, there were present: <br /> <br />R. Irvine Smith, Jack P. Barnes, W. R. Breedlove, W. T. Leery, R.B. Seward, <br />George R. Walker, H. E. Weiseman, ~.P. Johnson,Jr., City Manager and J.S.Livesay,Jr., <br />City Attorney. <br /> <br />The meeting was opened with prayer by Mr. Barnes. <br /> <br />Minutes of regular meeting held on June 27th, 1961 were read and approved. <br /> <br />The following reports from the City Manager were read: <br /> <br /> 61-184 - "I submit the a~tached ordinance and recommend it be placed on first reading. <br /> This ordinance changes Western Branch Road north of High Street to a two way <br /> street, fr°m a one way street; MacArthur Avenue between High Street and Perry Street to be changed from one way <br /> south to one way north; Queen Street from M acArthur Avenue to Fifth Avenue to be changed from a one way street <br /> west to a two way,street; Queen Street between First and Second Avenue be changed from a two way street to one <br /> way east. <br /> This is requested due to the construction of the Access Road for the new Tunnel <br /> as Elizabeth Street has bean barricaded as well as Glasgow Street, creating serious traffic congestion from <br /> automobiles coming from the Port Norfolk area of the City. <br /> It is also requested that I be authorized to proceed immediately with this change <br />due to the inconvenience being created by the blocking of these streets." <br /> <br />On motion of Mr. Weiseman the following ordinance was approved on first reading without <br /> <br />dissenting vote. <br /> <br />"AN ORDINANCE TO AMEND SECTIONS 30-139.1, 30-140, AND 30-142.3 OF THE CODE <br />OF THE CITY OF PORTSMOUTH, VIRGINIA, 1951, AS AMENDED, TO ESTABLISH CERTAIN <br />PORTIONS OF MacARTHUR AVENUE, QUEEN STP~EET AND WESTERN BRANCI{ ROAD AS ONE- <br />WAY STREETS." <br /> <br /> 61-185 - "I submit the attached agreement between the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad Company <br />and the City of Portsmouth and recommend that the proper City officials be authorized to sign. <br /> This agreement authorizes the Water Department to install a water line under the <br />Atlantic Coast Line Railroad tracks at Pleasant Street in Suffolk, ¥irginia." <br /> <br /> Motion of Mr. Breedlove to concur in the Manager's recommendation and that the proper <br />City officials be authorized to sign the agreement, was adopted, without dissenting vote, <br /> <br /> 61-186 - "I submit the attached report concerning the testing of weighimg an& measuring <br />equipment and the inspection of prepackaged commodities. This covers the period of January 1st, 1961 through <br />June 30th, 1961. This is for your information." <br /> <br /> (Attached) 'We are pleased to submit herewith the report on the test of weighing and <br />measuring equipment in commercial use in Portsmouth City. This report covers six months work by Inspector G. <br />Holmes in testing scales and meters as well as weights of prepackaged commodities. The report is as follows: <br /> <br /> Total Correct Incorrect Precentage <br />Kind Tested Incorrect <br /> <br />Computing Scales <br />Counter Scales <br />Hanging Scales <br />Platform Scales <br /> <br />356 282 74 21 <br />132 108 24 18 <br />82 69 13 16 <br />18 15 3 17 <br />588 474 114 <br /> <br />Weights Tested <br />Packages Checkw'd <br /> <br />359 350 9 3 <br />59,105 38,988 20,117 34 <br /> <br />K~rosene Pumps <br />Gasoline Pumps <br />Grease Measurers <br /> <br />181 121 60 33 <br />436 332 104 24 <br />127 118 9 7 <br /> <br /> It should be noted that this year 10% more scales were tested in Portsmouth than <br />last year. Even with a 10% increase in the number of scales tested, we are pleased to note a decrease in the <br />number of inaccurate scales. <br /> ec'alt <br /> The accuracy of gasoline pumps, kerosene pumps and grease measurers are asp <br />worthy of calling to your attention. Thirty per cent more gas pumps; twenty per cent more grease measurers and <br />ten per cent more kerosene pumps were tested this year than last year. The accuracy of each class of this equip- <br />ment showed great improvement over last year. The businessmen deserve our thanks and appreciation for the supporl <br />given in increased desire to have proper and accurate equipment. <br /> This year we continued to expand our package weighing program. Last year 7,000 <br />food packages were checkweighed in Portsmouth. This year 59,105 packages were checked. <br /> In this area the law requires that whenever any commodity is pun up in package <br />form, that package must be plainly and conspicuously marked with a statement of weight, measure or numerical <br />count. It is our responsibility no see that these packages have a proper label. In addition, the net contents <br />of the package must be as much as is stated on the label. <br /> This year we were particularly pleased with the improvement of weights of conmlo- <br />dities weighed and packaged in the local stores. Even though thirty-four per cent of the 59,105 packages were in <br />violation, a large portion of this was in canned pen foods and not in packaged meat, fruit and vegetables. <br /> We are pleased to also report at this time that all rejected equipment has been <br />repaired, retested and approved with Yellow and Black approval seals. <br /> We again wish to express no yon, the merchants and consumers of yc~r City our <br />thanks and appreciation for the co-operation we received. With this co-operation we will continue to see <br /> <br /> <br />