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At a regular meeting of the City Council, held on February 27th, 1962~ there were present: <br /> <br />R. !trine Smith, C. S. Atkinson, Jack P. Ba~es: John L. Dillon, L. L. Knight, <br />W. T. Leery, George R. Walker, A.P. Johnson,Jr., City Manager, and J.S.Livesay,Jr.~ <br />City Attorney. <br /> <br />The meeting was opened with prayer by Mr. Smith. <br /> <br /> Minutes of regular meeting held on February 13th, 1962 and called meeting of February <br />19th, 1962 were read and approved. <br /> <br /> 62-37 - Motion of Mr. Leery to suspend the rules to hear from a group of citizens from <br />Cradock, was adopted, without dissenting vote. <br /> <br /> The following spoke regarding a drainage condition in the vicinity of Dahlgren, Channing <br />Nicholson, Morris, Leroy and Rex Streets: <br /> <br />Hall, Mrs~ Elizabeth E. Rogerson, Wm. C. Thomas and Wm.T. Clark <br /> <br />of Public Works: <br /> <br />The City Manager gave the following information from a survey made by the Department <br /> <br /> Cost to install new drainage system- approximately $46,175.00. A large portion of <br />this cost ($13,500~00) would be used in constr~ction of an adequate outfall line from Virginia Road and Channing <br />Avenue to Paradise Creek. <br /> The cost to curb and gutter and repair streets would be approximately $52,000.00 - or a <br />total cosn of $98,175.00~ <br /> <br /> The Chair requested the City Manager to continue his study with the Depar~n~nt of <br />Public Works, in an'effort to relieve the conditionsdescribed. <br /> <br />The following reporns from the City Manager were read: <br /> <br /> 62-38 - "I submit the attached resolution and recommend its adoption. This is a reso- <br />lution of appreciation to Mr.~E-. E. Weiseman for his services as a councilman' for eighteen years" <br /> <br /> -- Attached -- "WHEREAS, this Council has accepted with regret the resignation of <br /> Resolution Vice Mayor H. Ear] Weiseman from the office of Councilmsn; said retiremenz <br /> from public sffairs being compelled by reasons of health; and <br /> WHEREAS, during eighteen years in the office of Councilman, H. Earl <br /> Weiseman has served well and true the interests of this City and its inhabi- <br /> ranzs· has g~ven countless hours of his time in attending council meetings, <br /> conferences· committee meetings and other public functions, and throughout <br /> t~ese years has flavored the official actions of this City with his gentle- <br /> manly and Christian spirit; and <br /> WHEREAS, in addition to his aforesaid ~enure of office and without <br /> detraction therefrom in any manner, H. Earl Weiseman also rendered great ser- <br /> vice to this City and his fellow citizens by active and faithful psrticipation <br /> in numerous religious, cmvic and other organizations. <br /> NOW, THEREFOre, BE IT RESOLVED by the Council of the City of Portsmouth, <br /> Virginia, that the appreciation of the citizens of this City for the servmces <br /> rendered by H. Earl Weiseman as Councilman and Vice Mayor of this City be <br /> expressed and conveyed to the said E. Earl Weiseman, and that he is hereby <br /> congratulated upon his splendid record of accomplishments during his legis- <br /> lative career. <br /> BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that a copy of these resolutions be spread <br /> upon the minutes of the City Council, and z copy be presented go the said <br /> E. Earl Weiseman. <br /> On motion of ~r. Leery· the resolution was unanimously adopted. <br /> $~39 - "I submit the attached resolution and recommend its adoption. This resolution <br />requmres the Cmty Councml go elect five viewers 5o investigate the closing of a parn of Airline Boulevard, U. S. <br />Route ~58 which has been sbsndoned through non-usage and is outside of the present right-of-way lines of Airline <br />Boulevard. This has been requested by the George T. McLean Company· Incorporated." <br /> <br /> -- Attached -- ~'~HEREAS, the application of George T. McLean Company, Incorporated, <br /> Resolution to vacate, close and discontinue s portion of the platted right of way of <br /> U. S. ~ighway Route 58· as described in said application· has been referred <br /> go the Planning and Zoning Commission for inves%igation and reporg, and said <br /> Commission has recommended the closing of said portion of the platted right <br /> of way of U. S. Highway Route 58, the same being outside the Dight of way <br /> being used for said street, and it appearing that notice of the application <br /> and request for the appointment of viewers was duly posted ag the front door <br /> of the Court House on the firsz day of the February Term of the Courz of <br /> Hus%ings for the City of Portsmouth· and on the Bulletini Board of the Circuit <br /> Court of the City of Portsmouth and a telephone pole on Route 58 within the <br /> area of the s~reer ro be abandoned, at least five days prior ~o this meeting; <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Council of the City of Portsmouth· <br /> Virginia, that <br /> <br /> · amx~. , be appointed viewers to view <br /> said sgreet and repor~ $o this Council in writing whether in their opinion, <br /> any, and if any, whst inconvenience would result from discontinuing the <br /> aforementioned portion of the platted right of way of U. S. Route 58." <br /> <br /> <br />