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June 20th, 1962 <br /> <br />At a called meeting of the Portsmouth City Council, held on June 20th, 1962 the~e <br /> <br />R. Irvine Smith, John L. Dillon', L. L. Knight, W. T. Leary, George R. Walker, <br />A. P. Johnson, Jr., City Manager, and J. S. Livesay, Jr., City Attorney. <br /> <br />The meeting was opened with prayer by Mr. Smith. <br /> <br />The following call for the meeting was read: <br /> <br /> "Please attend a called meeting of the City Council, in the Council Chamber, <br />Municipal Building, on Wednesday, June 20th, 1962 at 7:30 P.M., to consider the following: <br /> ~. Public hearing on 1962-63 Budget <br /> 2. To place appropriations on first reading for operation of the City <br /> · Government for the year 1962-63 <br /> 3. Appointment of an Assistant City Attorney <br /> 4. Ordinance on first reading appropriating funds to purchase mobile <br /> class rooms. <br /> By Order of the President. <br /> <br />budget. <br /> <br />The Chair announced that the meeting was open for a public hearing on the 1962-63 <br /> <br />No one spo-ke in regard to the budget. <br /> <br />The following communications from the City Manager were read: <br /> <br /> 62-146 - "Transmitted herewith is the proposed Budget for the City of Portsmouth for <br />the fiscal year 1962-63. The recommended budget totals $13:546,357.00 as compared with $12,369,803.00 for <br />1961-62. This amounts To an increase of 9 per cent. <br /> It is my opinion that the estimated revenue increase is conservative, ex- <br />cluding the Real Estate Tax which cannot be finally determined until after the assessmen~ has been completed <br />in August. It will be necessary at that time for the Council Lo review the entire budge~ To determine its <br />sufficiency. <br /> The School Appropriation request represents the largest increase in the <br />annual budget. This increase of $575,202.00 is mainly to provide salary increases for the teachers, raising <br />the minimum annual pay from $4,000 to $4,100. <br /> The greater par5 of the increase in the City Budget is reflected in normal <br />increment increases To employees for length of service, debt service, and 12 additional employees. <br /> All departments made a request for salary increases bur they were advised <br />that none could be provided until such time as the new assessment has been completed. This budget does not <br />provide for any salary increases other than normal increments and salary adjustments for offices that are <br />joint State and City participation. <br /> The following are comments on some of the more important increases in the <br />Budget recommendations as compared to the current budget: <br /> a. The Judicial Department reflects an increase due to the increased <br /> the Hustings Court, Civil Court, and Juvenile and <br /> Domestic~Relations Court. Three additional employees have been <br /> recommended in this department. <br /> b. A substantial increase is shown in the Department of Public Welfare <br /> necessitated by the State Welfare departmen~ increasing the minimum <br /> grants for assistance. Also, additional funds were provided for <br /> more hospitalization payments through the Social Service Bureau. <br /> While the increase in this department is substantial, the cost to <br /> the about 20 per cent of the total increase. <br /> c. The increase in the Public Safety Department is largely the fire <br /> hydrant charges being budgeted this year and normal increment pay <br /> increases for the personnel of the Fire and Police Departments. <br /> d. The Public Works increase is substantially less than requested by <br /> this department. However, it does provide for the operation of <br /> the new incinerator plus normal increments due employees based <br /> on length of service. <br /> e. During the coming budget year for the first time the City will <br /> be operating a first-class library, which is expected to be opened <br /> by the first of 1963. Also included in this budget is an appro- <br /> priation for the operation of the new Naval Museum for this fiscal <br /> year. <br /> f. Debt Service has increased due 5o sale of bonds issued for the <br /> construction of the aew incinerator, street improvements in Lincolns- <br /> ville, and the modernization of the Post Office for the aew library. <br /> While this proposed budget shows a substantial increase over the previous <br />year's budget, it does no~ fulfill the requests ~made by the varlous departments of the City. However, on the <br />basis of our current year's experience, I believe that all departments can operate efficiently within this <br />budget and that estimated revenues will be real~zed. <br /> I recommend %hat-the attached ordinances be placed on first reading." <br /> <br />Motion of Mr. Dillon to approve the following ordinance on first reading: <br /> <br /> "AN ORDINANCE TO ~PPROPRIATE FUNDS NECESSARY FOR OPERATION OF THE <br />CITY GOVERNMENT FOR _~(D DURING THE FISCAL YEAR BEGINNING JULY 1, 1962, <br />AND ENDING JUNE 30, 1963." <br /> <br /> <br />