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At a regular meeting of the City Council. held on September 28th, 1962, there were present: <br /> <br />R. Irvine Smith, C. <br />L. L. Knight, W. T. <br />City Attorney. <br /> <br />S. Atkinson, Jack P. Barnes, John L. Dillon, George D. Eastes, <br />Leafy, A. P. Johnson, Jr., City Manager, and J. S. Livesay, Jr., <br /> <br />The meeting was opened with prayer by Mr. Barnes. <br /> <br />Minutes of the regular meeting held on September llth, 1962, were read and approved. <br /> <br />62-224 - The following letter from the City Manager was read: <br /> <br /> "I submit the attached Resolution and recommend its adoption. <br /> This is a Resolution of respec~ in memory of former Councilman H <br />who passed away on September 13, 1962." <br /> <br />Earl Weiseman <br /> <br /> "WHEREAS, in His infinite wisdom, Almighty God has called un~o Him H. Earl <br />Weiseman, who served as a member of this Council for eighteen years, including eight years as Vice-Mayor, <br />of his time and talents in conducting the affairs of this City and its citizens; and <br /> <br />giving <br /> <br /> WHEREAS, in addition ~o his aforesaid tenure of office, H. Earl Weiseman rendered <br />great service ro this City and his fellow citizens by active and faithful participation in numerous religious, <br />civic and fraternal organizations; and <br /> <br />worth <br /> <br /> WHEREAS, the community has suffered a grea~ loss in the passing of H. Earl <br /> and has joined-with his family, friends and associates in mourning his death and in recognizing the <br />his accomplishments. <br /> <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Council of the City of Portsmouth, Virginia, <br />tha~ the sympathy of this body, acting for the citizens of this City, be and hereby is extended 5o the family of <br />the late H. Earl Weiseman. <br /> <br /> BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that these resolutions be spread upon the minutes of the <br />Council and that s copy thereof be forwarded by the City Clerk ~o the family of the deceased." <br /> <br /> On motion of I~r, Knight, the resolution was unanimously adopted, the Council s%anding in <br />respect to the late Mr. Weiseman. <br /> <br /> The following reports from the City Manager were read: <br /> <br /> 62-225 - "I recommend that I be authorized to sell by sealed bids Lot #43 on the north side <br />of Pinners Avenue. <br /> This sale has been requested by the property owner of the adjscen~ property and is <br />one of many lots owned by the City in the Pinners Point area. <br /> This sale has been approved by the Planning Commission. <br /> <br /> Motion of Mr. Dillon To concur in the recommendation of the City Manager was adopted, <br />without dissenting vo~e. <br /> <br /> 62-226 - "I recommend that the Group Housing Project approved for Academy Park be extended <br />~o allow the relocation of 29 more houses in the area previously approved. <br /> Four of these houses are located in fron~ of-the new Highland Biltmore School. <br />In order that they be moved and the land dedicated Eo the City for the School site, this has been approved by the <br />Planning Commission." <br /> <br /> Motion of Mr. Atkinson ro concur in the recommendation of the City Manager was adopted, <br />without dissenting yore. <br /> <br />Pumping Stations. <br /> <br />62-227 - "Bids were opened on September 13th, 1962, for the construction of two Sewer <br /> <br />The following bids were received: <br />Carter Contracting Company, Incorporated <br />Luke Construction Company <br />Van de Reit Construction Company <br />Vangard Construction Corporation <br />Hunt Contracting Company <br /> <br />90,602.00 <br />95,800.00 <br />107,877.00 <br />111,246.00 <br />117,772.00 <br /> <br />These Pumping Stations are in connection with the sanitary sewers being <br />constructed in the annexed are.a, one' station to be located on Elmhurst Lane and one on Greenland Boulevard. <br /> I recoramend that the attached ordinance be placed on first reading and that the <br />contract be awarded to the Carter Contracting Company, the low bidder. <br /> This appropriation covers the amount.due f~om the State Water Control Board <br />allocated by them for construction of sewers in the annexed area. The Council has previously appropriated <br />$560,000.00 on this pro~ec~." <br /> <br />tracting Company, and <br /> <br />Motion of Mr. Barnes that the con~ac~, be awarded to the lowest bidder, the Carter Con- <br />that the f~llowing-ordinance be approved on first reading, was adopted, w~f~'t dissenting <br /> <br />"AN ORDINANCE TO APPROPRIATE $126,000.O0 FROM THE ANNEXATION BOND FUND <br /> (SEWERS) FOR THE PURPOSE OF CONSTRUCTING TWO SEWER PUMPING STATIONS <br /> WITH RELATED MAINS AND FACILITIES TO SERVE PORTIONS OF THE TERRITORY <br /> ANNEXED JANUARY, 1960." <br /> <br /> 62-228 - "I submit the a~ached ordinance and recommend that it be placed on first reading. <br /> This vacates a planting easemen~ which was located within a drainage easement on <br /> <br /> <br />