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January 6th. 196~_ <br /> <br />At a called meeting of the City Council, held on January 6th, 1RS0, ag 5:00 P.M., <br /> <br />B.W. Baker, A.C. Bartlett, ~.R~~ ~reedlove, R.B. Seward, R. Irvine Smith, <br />George R. Walker, H. E. Weiseman, A.Po Johnson, Jr., City Manager, and <br />J.S. Livesay, Jr., City Attorney. <br /> <br />The follo~in~ cla~l for the meeting was read: <br /> <br /> a:a~Yo~_ are requested to attend a called meeting ,of the City Council, in the Council <br />Chamber, at 5:00 P.M., on Wednesday, January 6th, 1960, to consider: <br /> <br />1. An ordinance on first reading, creating .tlncee wards and voting .Precinc'ts <br /> for the area recently annexed by the City of Portsmouth. <br /> <br /> Z. Election of two members to the School <br /> and one from District 'C'~. <br />By Order of the President." <br /> <br />Board -one from District <br /> <br />motion of Mr. Bartlett, Item #2 was considered first. <br /> <br /> SO-t - On motion of Mr. Bartlett the election of ~wo members to the School Board <br />was tabled until the regular meeting of January 12th, 1960~ without dissenting vote. <br /> <br /> 60-2 - Motion bf Mr. Breedlove to table the ordinance c~eating three wards and <br />vo~ing precincts for the area recently annexed by the City'0f Portsmouth~ was adopted, without dissenting vote~ <br /> <br />motion adjourned. <br /> <br />Approved - <br /> <br /> President. <br /> <br />City Clerk <br /> <br /> <br />