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Jauuarv 29th. 1960~ <br /> <br />At a called meeting of the City Council~ held at 5:00'P.M., on January 29th, 1960, <br /> <br />B. W. Baker, A. C. Bal~tlett, W.R. Breedlove, R. B. Seward, R. Irvine Smith, <br />George R Walker, ~. E. Weiseman, A P Johnson,Jr., City1 Manager and J.S. Livesay,Jr., <br />City Attorney. <br /> <br />The following cull for the meeting ~as read: <br /> <br /> · "You are. requested to attend a called meeting of the City Council, in the Council Cham- <br />ber, at 5:00 P.M., on Friday, January 29th~ 1968, to consider a petition to provide for the elimination of Demo <br />cratic Primaries" By Order of the President." <br /> <br />60-28 The following petition was read: <br /> <br />"To the Council of the City of Portsmouth, Virginia: <br /> We, the undersigned, qualified electors of this City~ respectfully.petition your Hon- <br /> orable Body to cause to be submitted to a vote the following qz~estion: <br /> <br />'SHOULD THE ORDINANCE, PRESENTED BY NAYORBAKER, AND3RF,/ECTED BY A~JORITYOF <br />THE COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF PORTSMOUTH ON T~E29th DAY 'DF. DECEmBER 1959, PRO- <br />VIDING FOR THE ELIMINATION OF COUNCIL~ia_NIC PRINARIES'BE ADOPTED?' <br /> <br />PETITIONERS' REASONS FOR THE~SAIDADOPTIONARE: <br /> <br />1. Would create amore progressive Government in our City byallowing <br /> full Participation by Federal employees and other citizens,-in all <br /> Councilmanic elections, regardless of party affiliation. <br />~. WOuld eliminate unnecessary expenditures inch/Ted hy the City-for <br /> Comlcilmenic Primary elections. <br /> <br />Signed - Louis H. Keller, and numerous others." <br /> <br />petition, was adopted. <br />1960, would be issued. <br /> <br /> Motion of Nr. Breed_love .to refer to the City Attorney to check the sufficiency of the <br />without dissenting vote. <br /> <br /> The Ckair announced that a call for a special meeting of the Council on February 6th, <br /> <br /> 60--29- On motion of Mr. Weiseman, the question of the elec.tion of ~wo commissioners to the <br />WestPortsmouth Mosquito Control District was placed on the agenda, and. by the following vo~e: <br /> <br />Ayes: Baker, Bartlett, Breedlove, Seward, Smith, Walker, Weiseman <br />Nays: None <br /> <br /> Motion of Nr. Bmeedlove that the Council go into. the election of the two con~m~ssioners <br />to the West Portsmouth Mosquito Control District, was adopted, withou~ dissenting vo~e. <br /> <br />Mr. Smith nominated Dr. L.H. Denny <br />Mr. Breedlove nominated E. B. Hilton, Jr. <br /> <br />On motion of Mr. Weiseman, the nominations ,were closed. <br /> <br />Vote being taken, Rt. Denny and Mr. Hilton were ur~nimously elected. <br /> <br />On motion adjourned. <br /> <br />City Clerk <br /> <br />Approved - <br /> <br /> President. <br /> <br /> <br />