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July 12th. 1960. <br /> <br />At a regular ~eeting..of the City Council, held on July lZth, 1960, there were <br /> <br />R. Irvine Smith, Jack_P. Barnes, W. R..Breedlove, W.T. Leary, <br />g. B. Seward, GeorgeR. Walker, H. E..Weiseman, A.P. Johnson,Jr., <br />City Manager, and J. S. Livesay, Jr., City Attorney. <br /> <br />The meeting was opened with prayer-byMr, Smith. <br /> <br />were read and approved. <br /> <br />Minutes of regular meeting of June 28th, 1960 and called meeting <br /> <br />of July 1st, 1960 <br /> <br />read: <br /> <br />60-Z10~ The following Notice of zoning changes and letter from the Plannin$ Commission wereI <br /> <br /> "The City Council will hold a public bearing on zoning in the Council Chamber on <br />July 12th, 1960~ at 7:30 P.M. <br /> <br /> 34-60 - The application of Roy D. Taylor 'to rezone property beginning 150 ft. west <br />from the southwest corner of Clifford St. and Cumberland Ave., fronting 60 ft. on Clif~ford St. <br />deep. Also, beginning 60 ft. west from the northwest corner of Clifford St. and Cumberlan~l Ave,, fronting 30i <br />feet on Clif~rd St. by 1~8.5 ft. deep. Also beginning tZO ,f~t. wes.t from the northwest corner of Clifford St. <br />and Cumberland Ave., fronting 60 ,ft. ~on Clifford St. by' 10S.5 ft:. ;deep. Lots ll~and 13 of block 183, and lots <br />6, 10 and 12' of block 177. Applicaticfn to rezone from B Single Family Dwelling District to G Commercial Dis- <br />trict. <br /> 35-60 - The application of Todd Wool, Ester Woo1, John E. Wool, mud Joseph C.Wool <br />to rezone proper:t~ on the ~orthwest corner of Effingham and London Sts., fronting ,98.1 ft. on Effingham St. by <br />97.33 ft. d~ep. Application to rezone from E Multiple Family Dwelling District to G Commercial Business District. <br /> <br /> 3~-60.--The .application of Willie D. Sones to rezone property on the northwest cor- <br />ner of County St. and First Ave.: fronting 90 ft. on County 217 ft. deep. Lots l, ~, 3, 13, 14 and 15 <br />of block E. Application:to rezone from I Light Ihdustrial Ristrict to D Multiple Family Dwelling District. <br /> <br /> 37-60 - The application of Jennings J Pendleton and Aline J. Pendletonto rezone <br />property beginning approximately .421 .ft.~easterly from the intersection of Shea St. and Old Suffolk Blvd., thenc~ <br />southerly 150 .ft., thence westerl~v 1~0 ft., thence southerly 367.4 ft., thence easterly 14.7 ft., thence norther~ <br />ly 58° 28' east 478.3 ft., thenca westerly 172 ft. along Dld S~ffolk ~lvd:. ~o the point of.beginning. Application <br />to rezone from A Single Family DWelI'~Lug District 5o F Local Business District. <br /> <br /> 3~-60 -- The .application of Joseph Brown to rezone property beginning approximately <br />265 ft. ~ast from tlle southeast intersection :of ~lesadale Ave. -an(~ Main St., fronting 6(1 ft. on Glendale~ A~e~ by <br />120 ft. deep. Lots 14 and 15 of block 4. Application to rezone from C Two F~ily Dwetli~ District to E-1 <br />Transiti~ District. <br /> 39-60 - The application of Fred E. Bailey ~o rezone ~oper~y located ~on the north- <br />west corner of Johnson Ave. and City Park Ave., thence nort~rly. 95 ft,, thence ~westerly 77.~ ft., thence <br />northerly 75 ft.~ lhe~ce .wearily-15~.88 .~t. ,, thence .southerly ~170 ft., :thence easterly 207.31 ft. along 'Johnson~ <br />Ave. Lots 503, 504, a~ ~rt of lot 505 of the plat .of S~nsdale, Sedtion 5. Application to rezone from A <br />Single F~ily Dwelli~ District to E-1 Transitional Dis~ict. <br /> <br /> ~.-60 ~ ~e applica~on of P.H. Boyet.te, Jr., ~d Co., Inc., ~ r~zo~e proper~y lo-~ <br />oared on the south side of ~ic~ry Blvd. ~ a~d begin~i~ at ~e intersection of the south side of Victory ~vd. <br />and ~ ~orth tine of lot ~3 on ~e plat of ~evard 'Gardens, a~d <br />Victory Blvd. 60 ft.; thence approxzmately S. ~17 0~ W. Z65 ft.~ th~ S. ,30 3~ 10 ~ 148..~7 f%. to a <br />point on the north side of ~mith Road; thence continuing on s~e <br />59° 17.' W. 66.:8~9 ft. to a point; ~hence ~. 30° 1~? 10~" ~. 57~.70~ft. <br />297.17 ft. ~ a point; thence N. 26O 01' Z~" W. 294.85 ft. to a ~int; thence N. <br />poin.t; thence N. 30° 3~' 10~' E. 409 a po~ thence S. ~o 12' <br />37~ 10" E. 78 ft.~ more or less,~ to the sooth, side ~o~ '~th Road; t~ce <br />thence N. 30° 37' 10" E. 30 ft. across Smith Road; thence nor~erly along the li~ ~ Co~ity ~otor ~us-~ o- <br />persy 150 ft, more or less~ to the line of the P~llips '66' Service Station; thence alo~ Phillips '66' prop~rt <br />approx~tely 8. 85° 45' E.~ 130 .ft., more or less, to a point; th~ce ~nti~ui~ alo~ Phillips '66' proper~y N. <br />30° 37' lQ" E. 154.~54 ft., ~re or l~s, to t~ south side of V~to~ Blvd. at ~he point of begL~i~.. AD. ica- <br />tion to rezone from A Single F~ily Dwelling District to I Light I~d~strial District. <br /> <br /> 41-60 - The application of Jamea W. Fitts to .rezone property at the soutkeast in- <br />tersection of Chicago St. and Watts Ave., fronting 75 ft, on Chicago St. by 100 ft. deep. Lots 23, 24 and 25 of <br />block 6. Application to rezone from C Two Family Dwelling District to F Local Business. District. <br /> <br /> 42-60 - The application of Catalina Development Corporation to rezone ProPerty on~ <br />the northwest corner of Chowan Drive and Cherokee Road, fronting 500 feet on Chowan Drive and 300 feet on Cherokee <br />~oad. Also, a parcel beginning 760 feet east of the intersection ofI Chowan Drive an~ U'.S. 58, fronting 760 ft <br />on U.S, 58 ~by 600 ft.. deep; slso, a parcel beginning 1,630 ft. east of the intersection of Chowan Drive and U.Si <br />58, fronting S00 ft. on ~.S. SS by 600 ft. deep. Application to rezone from A Single Family Dwelling District <br />to G Commercial Business District. <br /> <br /> 43-60 - The application of William L. Owensto rezone property en the southeast <br />corner of Airline Turnpike and Seventh Ave., fronting 150 ft. on Airline Turnpike by 120 ft. deep, lots 53, 54, <br />55, 56 and 57, Application to rezone from C Two Family Dwelling District ~o I LightIndustrial District. <br /> <br /> 44-60 - The application of Wiley~R. Shope and A.O. Stampley ~o rezone proper~y be- <br />ginnzng at a point 20 ft., more or less. nerth ~ the northeast intersection of Deep Creek Blvd. and.proposed <br />Elliott Ave. ,extended, thence northerly 50.Z ft., thence easterly Z~4 f~., thence southeasterly 9.4 ft., thence <br />B. 38° 59' W. 77.6 ft., thence westerly 134.4 ft. ~o the point of beginning. Lots 12 and 13. Application to <br />rezone fromA Single Family Dwelling District to F Local Business District. <br /> <br /> <br />