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August 9th. 1960. <br /> <br /> At a regular meeting of the City Council,. held on August 9th, 1960, tt~re were present: <br /> <br />R. Irvine Smith, Jack P, Barnes, W.R. Breedlove, W.T. Leery, R.B. Seward, <br />George R. Walker, Ho,E. Weiseman, A~P, Johnson, Jr.,mCity Manager, and <br />J. S. Livesay, Jr., City Attorney. <br /> <br />The meeting was opened with pra~e~ b~ Mr. Barnes. <br /> <br />Minutes of regular meeting held on July 2~th, 1960 were read and approved. <br /> <br /> The following reports from the City ~L~nager were read: <br /> <br /> 60-249 - "I submit the attached ordinance 'and recommend that it be placed on first <br />reading, .This ordinance regulates bankruptcy, closing.out and fire.sales. This establishes the procedure that <br />must be followed to conduct this type of sale in the City of Por'tsmonth." <br /> <br />senting vote: <br /> <br />Motion qf Mr. Weiseman to approve the following ordinance on first reading: <br /> <br />"AN ORDINANCE TO AMEND THE CODE OF THE CITY OF PORTSMOUTH, VIRGINIA, 1951, <br />BY ADDING TO CHAPTER 8 THEEEOFARTtCI~ IX, CONSISTING.OF SECTIONS 8~91 <br />THROUG/~ 8-97, IN(~.LU~IVE,~:DEFINING BANKRUPTCY, CLOSING OUT AND FIRE SALES,' <br />I~POSII~G A LICENSE THEREFOR, PRESCRIBING REGULATIONs PERTAINING THERETO AND <br />PROVIDING PENALTIES FOR VIOLATIONS THEREOF" <br /> <br />Motion of Mr. Breedlove to amend the ordinance as follows, was adopted., without dis -, <br /> <br />"' Deleze sub, section ~b) of Section 8.-93 <br /> Iuser~ "only of the gonds" after the word 'sale'-in sub-section (a) of Section 8-95~ <br /> and deiete words following the word 'application'. <br /> <br /> Delete sub-section (h) of Sec~i0n $-~5, in its entirety, Change lettering Of <br /> sub-sections following, accordingly. <br /> <br /> Insert ~he words "the premises.wherein" in sub-section (e) of Section 8-96, between <br /> the words 'from' and 'goods' and delete words following the word 'sale' in second <br /> line," <br /> <br /> · Substitut~ mo~ion of Mr. ~alker that .the City Attorney be instructed to prepare an amendment <br />to Section 1~-7 of the City Code that will include fire, bankruptcy, going out of business sales, etc., was lost, <br />there being no second. <br /> <br /> Vote being taken on Mr. Weiseman's motion, the ordinance, as amended, was approved on~ <br />first reading, and hy the following ~ote: <br /> <br />Nays: Walker. <br /> <br /> 60-250 - "I submit the attached ordinance and recommend that-it be placed on first <br />reading. This ordinance establishes rules and regulations for firemen and policemen working on elf-duty hours <br />in employment similar to their official duties. It .establishes the rate of pay to be paid by persons employing <br />the members of these divisions and reimburses the City for expenses such as uniforms, retirement, e%c." <br /> <br />adopted. <br /> <br />Motion of Mr. Breedlove that rules be suspended <br />Mr. A. A. Bangel spoke against the ordinance. <br /> <br />to he~ Tram <br /> <br /> Motion of Mr. Barnes to refer the following ordinance to s conference of the follow- <br />ing: the City Manager, City Attorney, Chief of Fire D~partment~ Chief of Police Department and members of the <br />two departments involved, and that the City Manager make a recommendation to the Council, was adopted, withone <br />dissenting vote: that of MroWalker: <br /> <br /> "AN ORD~NANC~ TO A~ND ~HE COD~ OF THE ~IT~ OF P~RTSM0~TH, VIRGINIA, 1951, <br /> B~ AN~ENDING ~ECTi~N 2-71, ~ING SECTION ~1~.I AS NOW CONTAINED THEREIN <br /> ~ND AD01~fING A NEW'SEC~IO~-2-Tl.1, RELATING ~T0 RUINS AND REGULATIONS FOR <br /> THE GOVE~NT OF THE FIRE AND POLICE DIVISIONS AND OFF-DUTY E~LOYNENT <br /> OF POLICE~ENAND FIRE~EN" <br /> <br /> 60-251 - "I submit the attached ordinances and recommend that they be placed on <br />first reading. These ordinances . mmend the present ondinanee on the sale of uncTaimed proPer~y in the custody of <br />the Police. Under the old ordinance, 1 they are required to hold the prqperty for six months. After properly <br />advertising, the property can be disposed of after ainety days under the new ordi~n~e. At thepresenmt time, per- <br />sons buying the unclaimed automobiles at public sale csn not obtain a clear title to the same, The new ordinances <br />will permit persons to obtain a proper title to them when purchased at public auction~" <br /> <br />without dissenting vote: <br /> <br />On motion of Mr. Breedlove, the following ordinances were spproved on first reading, <br /> <br />"AN ORDINANCE TO AMEND THE CODE OF THE CITY OF PORTSMOUTH, VIRGINIA, 1951, <br />BY ADDING THERETO A NEW SECTION ~RED 2-71.9 RELATING TO THE SALE OF <br />~/~CLAIMEDPEOPERTY IN THE CUSTODY OF POLICE" <br /> <br />"ANORDINANCE TO AMEND THE CODE OF THE CITY OF PORTSMOUTH, VIRGINIA, 1951, <br />BY ADDING THERETO ~ECTIONS M-T1.2 THROUGH 2-71.8, INCLUSIVE, RELATING TO <br />THE RE~iOVAL, IMPOUNDING, ETC. OF MOTOR VEHICLE$ UNDER CERTAIN CONDITIONS <br />AND PRESCRIBING PROCEDURES THEREFOR?`' <br /> <br /> <br />