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Seetember 13th. 1960. <br /> <br />At a regular meeting of the City Council, held on September 13th, 1960, there were pres- <br /> <br /> R. Irvine Smith, Jack P. Barnes, W.~R. Breedlov~, R.B. Seward, George R. Walker, <br /> ~. E. Weiseman, A.P. Johnson,Jr., City Manager, and J.S. Livesay,Jr., City Attorney. j <br /> <br /> The meeting was opened with prayer by Mr. Breedlove. <br /> <br /> The Ma~er expressed his thanks to the Virginia Electric and Power Company, the Chesapeak~ <br />and Potomac Telephone C om~any, garage owners, City Police and Fire Departments, the Department of Public Work~, <br />Civil Defense groups, and all others who ~ .... <br /> rendered service and assistance in the emerg&n~3 cadsed by the hurrican., <br />through which we have just passed. <br /> <br /> Minutes of regular meeting of August 23rd, 1960 and special meetings e£ September 2nd, <br />1960 and September 6th, 1960, were read and approved. <br /> <br />Present - Mr. Leary. <br /> <br /> The following reports from theCityManager were read: <br /> <br /> 60-286 - "I submit the attached resolution and recommend its adoption. This resolution <br />has been requested by the Portsmouth Housing Authority and ~s in reference to the construction of the Billy Goa~ <br />Alley Housing project." <br /> <br /> On motion of Mr. Weiseman, the following resolution was adopted, and by the £ollowing voge: <br /> <br /> "WHEREAS, the Portsmouth Redevelopmen~ and Housing Authority (herein called the <br /> 'Authority'), ~s engaged in the developmen~ sud managemen~ of low-rent housing in the City <br /> of Portsmouth, Virginia, (herein called the 'city'" in accordance with the Virginia Hous - <br /> lng Authorities Law; and <br /> -WHEREAS, the Authority ~n~ered into an Annual Contributions Contract ur~der date <br /> of July 30, 1956, with the Public Housing Administration under the terms of which, as amended, <br /> Federal assistance ts being and will be extended for the developmen~ of 240 low-rent housing <br /> units in the City o£ Portsmouth designated a~ .Projee~ VA 1-7, which is needed particularly in <br /> connection with the urban re~ewa~l projects of the Authority; and <br /> WHEREAS, the City Council of the City has heretofore approved and executed a Co- <br /> operation Agreemen~'-coveringthe development and managemen~ of such housing; and <br /> WHEREAS, the Authority~,with the knowledge~o£ theCity Council, acquired a site <br /> for said Projec~ in 1959; <br /> NOW,' TBEREFOHE,'~BE ~T RESOLVED'~by't~e C~tyCouncil of the City of Portsmouth, as <br /> follows: <br /> That ~the construction by the Authority of Project VA 1-7, consisting of approxi- <br /> mately-240 low-rent housing units on a site generally bounded as follows, is hereby authorized <br /> and approved! <br /> ~ll those certain lots, pieces or parcels of land, situate in the City of Ports- <br /> mouth, Virginia, and bounded and described as follows: <br /> <br /> Beginning at a point on t he southwes~intersection of Race Street and <br /> Washington Street, and from said point 0f beginning running along the west side <br /> ~ - -of Washington Street S. 3 degrees 29' 32" E. 544.00' to a point, which is the <br /> southwest intersection of Washington Street and Duke Street; thence along the <br /> south s~de o£-Duke Stree~ S:.-87 degrees ~0' 28" W.. ~255.00' to a point; thence <br /> S. 3 degrees 29' 32'~ E. 226.00' to a point on the North side of Brigh~on Street; <br /> thence along the North side of Hrighton Street S. 87 degrees lC' 28" W. 165~00' <br /> ~o-a point; which i~ the'~northwest intersection of Brighton Street and Green St., <br /> thence along the west side of Green Street S. 3 degrees 29' 3~' E. 25~.00' to s <br /> point, which~ is the northwest intersection of Green Street and Randolph Street; <br /> thence along the North side of Randolph Street S. 87 degrees lO' 25" W. 360.00' <br /> ~o a point, which is the northeast intersection of Randolph Street and Effingham <br /> Street; thence along· the-east-side-o~ E~-£ingham Street N. 3 degrees 29' 32" $o <br /> 770.00'~ ~o~a p~int, ~hich is-the southeast~intersect~on of Ef~ingham Street and <br /> Scott Street; thence along the south side o£ Scott Street N, S~ degrees t0' <br /> 2~' E. 105.O0'; thence N. 3 degrees 29' 3~' W. 145.00' ~o a point; thence N. <br /> 87~degrees ~0' 28'? E. 150.O0'-to a point;-thence N.' 3 degrees 29' 3~' W. 113.00' <br /> ~o a point, which is on the south side of R~ce Street; thnnce along the South <br /> side of Race Street N. 87 degrees 10' 25" E. 525.00' to the southwes~ intersec- <br /> t' tion of Eice Stree~ and Washington' Street, the~-point of beginning." <br /> <br /> yes. Smith, Barnes, Breedlove, Leafy, Seward, Weiseman <br />~Nay~:' ~alker ...... <br /> <br /> Mr. 'Walker requested that the following statement be recorded in the minutes: <br /> <br /> "I quote from a proclamation of the President of the United States dated January 1, <br />1863' "---; and the executive~ Gbvernme~t of:the United States · inc'l~dl~g ~e military and naval, authority <br />thereof, will recognize and maintain the freedom of such persons, and will do no ac~ or ac~s ~o repress such <br />persons, or any of' the~','~in any efforts they may make for their actual freedom.- - - <br /> Persons living in quar~er~ fO_rnis~ed at a f~action of cost by the Government are free <br />in degree when compared with quarters furnished by individuals,* During the passage of neariy one hundred years <br />we have completed one full cycle from the time when quarters, food and clothing were furnished by individual <br /> owners to the presen~ timeLwhen ~hey'~re' furnished b~'governme~'. ' <br /> Does thi~ action by govei~4ment~ad~it that Abewas'-wrong? ~oes it admit that all citi- <br />zens can no~ sustain themselves in freedom and that some permanent form of subsidy is necessary for those who <br />will not, or can no~, provide TOt themselVesand who will voluntarily submit' to some degree of slavery in return <br /> <br /> <br />