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At a called me~ting of the City Council, held at 11:30 A.M., on March 7th, 1961, <br /> <br />' ' R. Irvin~ S~ith, Jack ~, iBarnes, W. ~% Breedlove,lW% T. L~ary, R.Bo Seward, <br /> George R. Walker, A.P. Jokqson, Jr., City ~anager, and J..S.. Livesay,Jr., <br /> City Attorney. <br /> Absent: H.E. Weiseman <br /> The meeting was opened with prayer by Mr. Breedlove. <br /> <br />there were <br /> <br /> The following call for the meeting was read: <br /> <br /> '~Please attend a calle~ meeting of the City Council on Tuesday, March .?th, 1961, at ll:30 AM <br />to consider the following: <br /> <br /> 1. The following ordinance on first reading: <br /> <br /> WAN ORDINANCE TO APPROVE THE SALE OF TW~ MILLION THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND <br /> DOLLARS OF GENERAL OBLIGATION BONDS PROVIDED IN THE ORDINANCE ADOPTED BY THE <br /> CITY COUNCIL ON JANUARY 10, 1961,. AND FIXING THE KATE OF INTEREST FOR SAID BOARDS' <br /> <br />By Order of the President. <br /> <br />61-51 The following letter from the City Manager was read: <br /> <br /> "Bids were opened today at 11:00 A.M., <br />Bonds. The bids were as follows: <br /> <br />for the sale of $2,300,000.00 of General Obligation <br /> <br />Shields & Company · <br />Continental Illinois National Bank <br /> and Trust Company. <br />Blyt~e & Company <br />Halsey, Stuart ~ Company <br />~o~gan Guaranty Trust Company <br />Norther~ Trust pompany <br />Lehman Brothers <br />White Weld ~ Company <br />Eastman Dillon Union Security Company <br />Phelps~ Fenn & Company <br />Ira Haupt & Company <br /> <br />3.268 <br /> <br />3.285 <br />3.30~ <br />3.306 <br />3.307 <br />3.325 <br />3.,378 <br />3.394 <br />3.410 <br />3,419 <br />3.428 <br /> <br /> Shields and Company being tke low bidder, I recommend that Bonds be awarded to this concern <br />the interest rate prescribed by. the attached proposal.". <br /> <br /> Motion of M~r. Breedlove that the following ordinance, awarding the bid for. th9 bo~ds ~o <br />Shields ~ Company,'the low bidder, at the interes~ ra~e of 3.268. be placed on first reading, was adopted, and <br />by the following vote: <br /> "~N ORDINANCE TO APPROVE THE SALE OF, TWO MILLION~ THREF~HUNDRED THOUSAND <br /> DOLLARS O~GENERAL'-~OBL~ATION .BONi)S'~RO¥IDED~IN THE?.~RDI~ZNUE-'ADOPTED BY <br /> CITY COUN~ON Lr~Lt~UARY 10, 19C~1, AND FIXING THERATE OF INTNF~EST FOR SAID BONDS" <br /> <br />~es:~-~mi%h~'~B&~s, Breed~ove, Leafy, Seward, Walker <br />Nays: None. <br /> <br />On motion adjourned. <br /> <br />Approved - <br /> <br /> President. <br /> <br />City Clerk <br /> <br /> <br />