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At a regular meeting of the City Council,~held on May ~3rd, 1961, there were present: <br /> <br />R. Irving Smith, Jack P. Barnes, W.R. Breedlove, W.T. Leary, <br />George R. Walker, H. 3. Weiseman, A.P. Johnson,Jr., City Manager, <br />and J, S. Livesay, Jr. City Attorney. <br /> <br />The meeting was opened with prayer by Mr. Weiseman. <br /> <br />Minutes of regular meeting held on May 9tk, 196t, were read and approved. <br /> <br />The following reports from the City Manager were read: <br /> <br />tion authorizes the City to <br />as a public library." <br /> <br />61-136 -. "I submit the ar~ached resolution and recommend its adoption. This resolu- <br />proceed ro make application for acquisition of the old Post Office Building for use <br /> <br />On motion of Mr. Breedlove, the following resolution was adopted, without dissenting <br /> <br />"WHEREAS, it is understood that the General Services Administration <br />has declared the former post office building located at Court and <br />King Streets, Portsmouth, Virginia, ro be surplus ~o the Federal <br />Government, it is further understood tha5 the City of Portsmouth <br />may obtain this facility to be used as a public library, and it is <br />also understood that this transfer may be made under Public Law 15g, <br />Section 203 (k) (1), which is implemented by the Department of <br />Health, Education and Welfare; and <br /> WHEREAS, facilities presently available for public library purposes <br />in this Cit~ are grossly, inadequate and this Council desires ro pro- <br />vide the best possible library facilities in keeping with the finan - <br />cial ability of the City so to do; and <br /> ~q{EREAS, should the aforesaid building be made available to the City <br />of Portsmouth under the above cited public law, the City is finan - <br />cialty able and willing ~o renovate the same and thereafter operate <br />it as a public library. <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Council of the City of Ports- <br />mouth, Virginia, that: <br /> (a) there is a need and desire that the former post office <br /> building be acquired by the City for the purpose of <br /> operating the same a s a public library. <br /> (b) the City is financially able and willing To accept the <br /> conveyance of said property upon the terms and conditions <br /> required by law, and to renovate and thereafter operate <br /> the same~as a public library. <br /> (c) the City Manager is.authorized and directed to make <br /> application for 5ransfer of said property, to take all neces- <br /> sary s~eps Eo secure Eransfer of the said property, and to <br /> accept and record the deed of conveyance thereof with such <br /> conditions and covenants therein contained as are required <br /> by law." <br /> <br /> 61-137 - The Superintendent of Schools has requested an appropriation zo begin <br />preliminary work on Highland Biltmore School. .I recommend that an 'appropriation in <br />from the Capital Improvement Fund be placed on first reading." <br /> <br /> the <br />the ~mount of~ ~15,000.00 <br /> <br /> Motion of Mr. Weiseman to concur in the recommendation of the City Manager was <br />adopted, without dissenting vote. <br /> <br /> 61-138 - "I submit the attached report from the City ~ttorney with reference to the <br />claim of Mrs. John B. Ruddell for lambs destroyed by dogs. This claim is in the amount of $24.42."' <br /> <br /> '~t the last meeting of the City Council this office was requested To study the ap- <br />plication of ~3cs. John B. R uddell for reimbursement for loss of four {ambs destroyed by ssray dogs. Under Sec- <br />tion 29-202 of the Code of Virginia, as amended, and the circumstances stated therein, the City must honor this <br />claim out of the proceeds of the dog license taxes.~ (Signed) J S Livesay~Jr., City Attorney." <br /> <br /> Motion of Mr. Barnes to concur in the recommendation of the City Attorney and ro au- <br />thorize the City Treasurer to pay the claim from ~unds in her hands from the collection of Dog Taxes, was <br />adopted, without dissenting vote. <br /> <br />following city owned lots: <br /> <br />without dissenting vote. <br /> <br />taken up and read: <br /> <br /> 61-139 - "Bids were opened ar lg o'clock noon on May 19th, 1961 for the sale of the <br /> <br /> Number I and 2 and 7 through 12 on Randolph Street. <br /> One bid wals received from John C. Holland in the amount of $2,500.00. <br /> <br /> I recommena that this property be sold for the above amoun$." <br /> <br />Motion of Mr.~ Leafy: to con,ur in %he recommendation of the City Manager was adopted, <br /> <br />UNFINISHED BUSINESS <br /> <br />'61-124 - The following ordinance, approved on firs~ reading a~ last meeting, was <br /> <br /> "~ ORDINANCE TO AUTHORIZE AND DIRECT THE CONVEYANCE OF FIVE PARCELS OF LAND <br /> WITHIN THE PROPOSED RIGHT OF WAY OF THE ACCESS ROAD LEADING TO THE SECOArD <br /> ELIZABETH RIVER TUNNEL TO THE ELIZABETH RIVER TUNNEL DISTRICT" <br /> <br /> <br />